Tokens for Grades

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is also your ticket to a boatload of free tokens.

Giggles Arcade has been running our Tokens for Grades since 2012 and have given out thousands of free tokens to children who bring in their report cards.

We will literally pay tokens for good grades.

We reward 1 token for every C, 2 tokens for every B, and 3 tokens for every A for a maximum of 30 tokens per child.

Because we want you to know. And knowing is half the battle.

Colour for Tokens

Turn yourself or your child into a professional artist.

Use our colouring page to practice your creative skills and when you're finished, bring it in so we can hang your masterpiece on the wall.

If you are 10 years old or younger, we'll reward your efforts with 5 free tokens.

Limit 5 tokens per child per week.

Colouring pages are available in the arcade, or you can print your own copy by clicking below.

Daily Events

As if you needed even more opportunities to pull down free tokens, Giggles offers special events Monday through Thursday to keep your cup brimming.

Monday: FREE racing. No tokens involved, I know, but you get the idea.

Tuesday: Top three winners from the Trivia Contest at 4pm take home free tokens.

Thursday: TGITFTT- Thank Goodness It's Twenty For Twenty Thursday. Every purchase of $20 worth of tickets gets you additional 20 tokens free. Our best value to make Thursday the best day of the week.